Atopic dermatitis : from diagnosis to determining the severity score

Atopic dermatitis, a common inflammatory disease characterized by a chronic relapsing course, affects 10 to 12% of young infants and children worldwide. Its prevalence has increased five times over the last thirty years.

In order to help physicians in the clinical evaluation of the severiy of the disease, the European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis has developed an easy to use scoring index, SCORAD (Scoring Atopic Dermatitis); it allows to assess as objectively as possible how seriously the patient is affected by defining the intensity of different parameters such as erythema, edema or lichenification. Subjective symptoms such as loss of sleep and pruritus are also taken into consideration.

To facilitate the use of the SCORAD evaluation scale, a bilingual (English/French) CD-ROM has been produced consisting of more than 500 slides illustrating various aspects of Atopic Dermatitis, and explaining the clinical evaluation technique. In an introductory note, the CD-ROM tells the users - dermatologists, paediatricians and allergolo - how to diagnose Atopic Dermatitis, explaining the different criteria listed in the SCORAD index.
Different examples are shown, allowing the physician to recognize and quantify the selected parameters. To make the user quickly familiar with the SCORAD evaluation sheet, different practical exercises are proposed.

This CD-ROM has been produced by Jean-François Stalder
under the auspices of the
European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis,
in support of the ETAC clinical trial of

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