The SCORAD index : How to use it ?

  1. Analysis of surface involvement
    1. During the clinical examination, draw the involved areas on the evaluation sheet
    2. Then calculate the proportion of involved surface area segment by segment. See this example.
    3. Total the results for all segments

  2. Grading of intensity
    1. Choose the representative area
      In patients with localized lesions, analysis will concern the area which was the reason for the visit.
      In patients with areas varying in severity, a representative area of mean involvement is chosen.
      Dryness should be evaluated in a remote area of noninflammatory skin.
    2. Identify the elementary lesions

  3. Subjective signs
    The two most representative items concerning the quality of life of patients (during the 3 previous days) are : The patient and/or one of his relatives expresses the intensity of pruritus or insomnia using a visual analog scale graded between 0 and 10.

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